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 Recruitment Policy (Policy 1-2)

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PostSubject: Recruitment Policy (Policy 1-2)   Wed 02 Feb 2011, 3:39 am

Policy 1-2 Recruitment (Effective: 02/09/2009)

Statement: Policy 1-2 Recruitment is the rules and regulations adhered by the Golden Gaming Network Community regarding the recruitment of new members to the community.

1. In order for any member to be recruited within the Golden Gaming Network Community the member must be at least 17 years old. Any member who does not meet this standard will automatically be removed from the trial phase of recruitment

2. If member meets requirements for recruitment he/she will undergo a two week recruitment period. During this period this member will be observed by the Golden Gaming Community member who is trying to recruit this new member.

A. During this recruitment period the member being recruited must show positive attitude, good sportsmanship, and professionalism.

B. Must attend a squad meeting with the squad that he/she is being recruited into.

C. The Golden Gaming Network member will be responsible for all actions of the new member being recruited (this will include new members conduct)

3. Once member is successfully passes the recruitment phase he/she is successfully part of that squad if voted in by squad members.

A. This member will undergo a 30 day probation period within the squad

B. Will automatically be the rank of recruit

C. Will be read Policy 1-1 Code of Conduct. This member must understand Policy 1-1 in order to continue the recruitment process

4. Once member has completed the 30 day probation period the member has successfully become part of the Golden Gaming Network Community

5. New member will be assigned a sponsor within the squad.

A. The sponsor will be a rank of Sergeant up to Gunnery Sergeant

B. The sponsor will make sure the new members transition to the community is going well.

C. The sponsor will answer any questions the new member would have

This policy has been approved by GGN Rage Titan (Creator), GGN Bentley (Co-Creator), GGN Justice (Senior Director), GGN Reborn Saint (Director), GGN Fatigues (Director)

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Recruitment Policy (Policy 1-2)
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