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 Rank Structure Policy 1-3

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PostSubject: Rank Structure Policy 1-3   Wed 02 Feb 2011, 4:23 am

Policy 1-3 Rank Structure (Effective Date: 02/09/2009)

Statement: This policy covers the Golden Gaming Network proper rank structure and the duties that come with that rank. The rank structure is also the proper form of Golden Gaming Network’s chain of command. We strongly recommend all members to understand this policy and cover it with their squad members at every meeting.

1. Creator:

A. Co-Creator: Responsible for the Senior Directors and Directors. Make sure all directors are performing his/her job duties.

B. Senior Director: Responsible for all Golden Gaming Network Directors. In charge of the Golden Gaming Network Elite gamebattles Team.

C. Director: Responsible for 2 divisions. Make sure all Division Leaders are making the best choices for his/her division, and all questions, requests are being fulfilled as soon as possible. You will report to all Administration meetings as we need your input on future community decisions. Handling all problems that are brought to your attention.

2. Division Leader: Responsible for his/her division. Will make decisions that will best fit his/her division. Will make sure that everyone below is conducting his/her job duties that they are charged with. Handling any and issues within his/her division. Will attend all division leaders and up meetings.

A. Co Division Leader: Will handle all issues concerning his/her division. Will assist the Division leader in all decision making for his/ her division. Will attend all squad meetings within his/her division as well.

B. Section Leader: Will be overseeing all squads making sure the commanders are making squads requests being fulfilled. Will handle all squad commanders questions and attending all squad meetings.

3. Commanders: He/she is in charge of the entire squad. Has the ability to promote/demote within their squad alone. In charge of squads actions and also responsible for that individual squad. Any problem that arises within the squad the commander is responsible for dealing with that problem. He/she can approach the section leader if needed.

A. Lieutenant General: Will run the weekly meetings within their squad, also making sure the ranks below are conducting their job duties as well. This is a training position for the future rank of commander. He/she will also deal with the issues that come within the squad.

B. Major General: Will place the squad lists on the Golden Gaming Network website ( under the squad lists forum (Must be turned in every Sunday at 1900 hours EST). He/she will also check member’s bios and mottos making sure they are accurate and correct.

C. Brigadier General: Will be in charge of conducting the gamebattles team, which includes setting up daily practices, conducting strategies, and setting up matches. Anyone interested in the gamebattles team within the squad will get with you.

4. Colonel: Oversees the 2 companies within the squad. Will make sure the members are abiding by the Code of Conduct Policy 1-1.

A. Lieutenant Colonel: Will oversee the company assigned is running like a team. Will also be in charge of making sure the members show up for the weekly squad meetings and is actively involved within the squad.

B. Major: Will assist the Major General with the weekly squad list. Will also assist with making sure members have their bios and mottos correct and accurately.

C. Captain: Helps with gamebattles and all Special Forces activities. Help organize practices against other squads in the community. Handling all issues brought to your attention.

5. Master Sergeant: Help the lower ranks with recruitment. Making sure the guidelines are being followed while recruiting (see Policy 1-2). Learn the ranks and duties up to commander for better information.

A. Gunnery Sergeant: You will assist the Birg. General and Capt with gamebattles. Learn the duties up to Brig. General.

B. Staff Sergeant: In the introduction to the Officer ranks. You must oversee all members below you to help in any situation that may arise and to explain the Golden Gaming Network guidelines. You must know the recruiting process (Policy 1-2), the Code of Conduct (1-1). You must attend all squad meetings that you are assigned to.

C. Sergeant: This is the highest rank you will achieve without having GGN in your XBL gamertag. You are to know the Code of Conduct (Policy 1-1). You are to know the rank structure up to Captain. You are to help the ranks below you with the recruitment process (Policy 1-2). Assist with any issues that are brought to your attention

D. Corporal: This is a learning rank. You are to know the ranks up to Gunnery Sergeant. Study the Recruitment Process (Policy 1-2) Know the Code of Conduct (Policy 1-1) Attend as many squad meetings as possible. Any questions ask next available rank.

E. Private First Class: This is a learning rank. You are to be studying the Recruitment Process (Policy 1-2). You are expected to know the Code of Conduct (Policy 1-1) Attend as many squad meetings as possible. Be involved within your squad. Any questions see next available rank.

F. Private: This is a learning rank. You are to be studying the Code of Conduct (Policy 1-1) Attend squad meetings and activities.

G. Recruit: This is an introductory rank. You will get familiarized with GGN as a whole. Ask questions; attend meetings, and activities as much as possible.

Squad Split: When a squad is at the maximum capacity which is 50 members, the Lieutenant General will take the company of his/her choice. After that the other company will split off and remake the other company.

This policy has been approved and authorized by GGN Rage Titan (Creator), GGN Bentley (Co-Creator), GGN Justice (Senior Director), GGN Reborn Saint (Director), GGN Fatigues (Director)

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Rank Structure Policy 1-3
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